Feelings of an almost human nature!

Feelings of an almost human nature!
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Rubber on the track

This song is called "Flowers in the Hedgerow" and was written in response to the numerous biker deaths on the roads of North Yorkshire around where I live.

They sit at home

A space on the sofa

It tells a tale of a someone who?s no longer there

They watch TV

The looks on their faces

They tell the tale of a family without a care

fficeffice" /> 

Feeling the wind and the sun on your skin

The countryside passes, a blur

Feeling the pulse of the creature within

Swiftly approaching the spur



Flowers in the hedgerow

Rubber on the track

Fear on the corner

Never coming back


Slowly, deliberately, without a clue

The red mist begins to advance

This intoxication, this exciting brew

Engulfing you without a chance


The delicious danger, the thrill of the chase

All thoughts of safety aside

All you can feel is the buzz of this race

You neck and neck with your pride


And then there?s the black

And there?s no way back


They sit at home

A space on the sofa

It tells a tale of a someone who?ll never be there

They watch TV

The tears on their faces

They tell the tale of a passing that?s too sad to bear.


He?ll never be there

23.9.05 08:32

International Despotism... and all that!

There is currently a headline on the BBC sport website that states Flintoff targets world domination (DON'T OPEN IT YET).  I could open this link and find out what they are talking about but I think its rather more fun to muse on the possibilities.

A man sits atop a golden throne in the hall of a draughty castle.  Lining the walls, heads bowed in deference are dozen's of Pontings, Laras, Muralitharans, Gangulys and their ilk.  They are all representatives of the countries in the U(t)N (United test playing Nations), the only organization in the world to which Supreme High Emperor Freddie still payed lip service. 

As he looked out over his lands, stretching as far as the eyes could see he was almost at peace.  Almost.  The evil Warnetron still eluded him.  The only man in the world who could spin the sacred orb of leather in four dimensions.  Day and night he watched the horizon, his Lord Chamberlain, Sir Blofeld, stood with him to provide commentary for his Liege.  One day, just as Blofeld had consumed his own weight in claret and cake, a shadow appeared on the horizon.  The shadow grew and came closer until the sun began to shine off the bleached hair.

Emperor Flintoff took up his Sceptre of Willow and Orb of Leather and strode down to battle...

Now you can read the article if you like.

19.9.05 14:06

Back after these messages.

Slight lost impetus in the Jody story so I'll give it a week or so off.  But rest assured it will return!  Bigger, better and with more gums (maybe that should have been guns, maybe not).
19.9.05 13:20

Part IV

As dawn approached, Jody set about finding somewhere cool to spend the day.  Buildings were ok as long as they were well ventilated and weren?t going to catch fire too easily.  Fires seemed to be springing up all over the city without any apparent cause other than the searing heat.  After much searching he turned a corner and found a warehouse that was mostly intact, the door had already been kicked open but all seemed quiet and as dawn was getting ever closer he had no choice but to enter.  It was already quite light.fficeffice" />

The door led into a reception area cum office, a counter ran across the room in front of him the varnish worn away by years of people leaning on, it writing on it and if one stain was anything to go by, attempting to wipe ink off it.  There was a curious smell in this room, it was kind of like creosote but with an unpleasant rotten undertone.  On the other side of the counter were two old desks, they looked like relics of the 1960s but they had seen better days.  One of them had a modern Chipboard drawer where its old wooden one should be.  The whole place had a demeanour of ?seen better days?, then again thought Jody, hadn?t they all.

13.9.05 08:32

Part III

The first two hours of the journey were predictably bad.  Before he could make any real progress he needed to find some liquid.  Supplies were increasingly scarce, the supplies had long since been shut off and finding prepacked liquids was getting harder every night.  Eventually he found a burnt out shop with a few supplies stashed away in the cellar, there wasn't much left but there was some UHT milk,  a few tins and a couple of sacks to carry them in.  Enough to keep him going for a couple of days.

Foraging complete, Jody started his long journey toward the 'burbs.  The heat had fallen to manageable levels now and progress was good.  Once or twice he had to hide to avoid airbourne patrols but such things were infrequent and not particularly thorough.  After all there was nothing even remotely resembling organised resistance.  The only sounds in the night were the "plink" of metal structures, cars etc cooling down, no screams in the night, not any more.

9.9.05 09:35


Jody decided to lay low a little longer.  The temperature was still strength sapping and besides there was no where to really go.  He needed to think, to form some kind of plan, even if the act of thinking was painful.  Living out of trash cans and moving in darkness from one shady hole to another was no way to live, yet he had chosen to live.  He could have given in like so many others and allowed himself to be rounded up but he had chosen to remain free.  What had once seemed so obvious and important a right, now seemed hollow and pointless.

He figured it would be a good idea to plan his night's route before darkness kicked in.  That still left the problem of where to go and what to do.  Suddenly it dawned on him, if living in the city was so bad then why not quit the city.  He would make for the suburbs and then head out of town completely.  Whatever was going on outside of the city boundaries it had to be better than this smouldering hell...

8.9.05 08:54

Back on the road

This blog has been in a period of mourning too long.  Time to get this show back on the road.

As the sun started to set, Jody stirred and rolled out from under the abandoned firetruck.  The smell of smoke was heavy on the air but some of the fires had died down and visibility was back up to around 100 metres.  Viewed through the haze the shells of buildings appeared to dance, their shadows flickering  like dark flames against the bleached asphalt.

7.9.05 15:50

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